Get your PhD back on track

A PhD course where we share experiences, work with hands-on tools and develop a PhD strategy suited for you

Target group: The target group of this course is PhD students who are at least one year into their PhD and feel that they in some way have got off the track. Maybe you are behind your PhD plan, have lost your motivation, have problems getting writing done or maybe the collaboration with your supervisors(s) or other collaborators is problematic.

Aim: This is a chance to get back on track, find your motivation and focus and make a realistic plan to deliver within time. After the course, you have a chance to take part in a peer-group where you support each other in the continuous planning and writing processes.

Content: The course runs over 3 months and consists of 4 thematised 3-hour group sessions. There is a possibility to meet in peer-groups between the organised meetings. It is possible to add individual coaching sessions as a part of the course.


  • Planning, focus and priorities – get hold of your time and become a realistic planner, what will you stop doing and new habits
  • Motivation – reconnect to your initial motivation – what got you started in the first place?
  • Collaboration – learn how to get the best out of your supervision and other work relationships
  • Writing – learn how to overcome writing blocks, write efficiently, control your inner critic and maybe even enjoy writing

Structure of the group sessions:

  • Group coaching with outset in participants challenges
  • Workshop: Theme of the day
  • Wrap up – what to focus on in the coming three weeks


Group: Minimum 8 persons, maximum 12 persons.

Teachers, facilitators and coaches:

Mirjam Godskesen (UNWIND),

Liv Gish (Nordic Writing Academy),

If you are interested then write an email to either Mirjam or Liv to hear when we have our next workshop sessions.